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After many years of competition and events around the world, I've decided to start a new project...
I always have been interviewed by people intrested in how i was training and wich was my secret to create my routines. My filosofy is quite simple, do the best you can do and join all your prefered manouvers in a nice, precise, costant and good looking fly.
This sounds easy but many many times, when i was judging, I've seen people loosing their mind and become unable to perform as good as they could have done.
This can be fixed by managing your stress and sorting out wich is the most adequate style to your current abilities.
I think that this has been always one of my point of strengt.
This is why I decided to gave my experience to thoose that are trying to achieve a good level in the 3D fly or trying to find a little support from sponsors in an hobby where money is not an option.
At the 3D Swiss Camp I will give you all tips you need to know to continue improve yourself in the right way or to achieve better results during competition or events.
All this in a weekend of fun, no stress, 3D and beer (of course)... ;)
                                                        Lukas Riva
What is 3D Swiss Camp offering?
  • Accomodation in a hotel (3stars; 2 nights) close to the flyingfield.
  • Lunch at the field both days and dinner on saturday night.
  • A complete private airfield for our pourpose.
  • Helicopters's accomomdation at the field (in a secure and locked place).
  • Parts at the field (depending on type of heli and disposal)
  • A powerful charging station so we never stop to fly.
  • 2 days of practice followed by Lukas Riva.
  • The right tips to achive better scores during competition (Lukas have a good judge experience).
  • The construction of a personal training program shaped upon your style, abilities and goals.
  • The creation of a routine fly that maximize your qualityes.
  • The necessary tips to improve your abilities.
  • A RC simulator active at the field (so you never stop to practice).
  • A nice and funny weekend to spent with others RC enthusiastics!
Check the schedule published on the home page to know when the next 3D Swiss Camp will take place!
A minimum level of abilities is requested, so you must be able to do at least a looping and a roll.
Lukas can speak Italian, french english and basic german.
Due to organisational reasons, a maximum of 10 partecipants is accepted.
For info regarding price, conditions and dates, please send an email to
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