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Dear followers, here you can find a review of the new Protos 700/800 produced by Corrado and Davide from MSH helicopters.


Simple and essential, this is how i define the mechanic of the Prots 700. The frame is composed in two parts, a carbon one and a plasitc one (upper and lower part) that join togheter in a perfect way. The rigidity is given from the carbon frame and the plastic hold the battery compartment. Servos are mounted facing the main shaft and you have an easy acces to them by the cutted frame... The linkage is direct from servos to the swashplate giving a fast and precise reaction to the rotor head when the servos move. Battery goes in and out in a easy way so you will not cut your finger every time you have to change battery.

The rotor head is really rigid and reactive but this doesn't affect the BRAIN FBL that make it looks like if it's on a railway ;)




Fast, precise and... without any vibration! If there is something i hate is when my tail isn't peforming as expected. Sometimes we say that the problem is the FBL, but when a tail rotor isn't designed good, even the best FBL can have some troubles. What i really like is that even when you're flying in full speed and you give a 90 deg rotation to put the tail in full power to contrast the wind, it doesn't have any kind of problem!
It's simply fantastic because you really understand the power this helicopter have!
Please, silence! You buy an electric helicopter that work in the most common way, with gears that gives the transmission from the motor to the main rotor. Than someone at the field tell you "is that electric? this is nice, because nitro makes a lot of noise..." You plug the battery in, you start the helicopter and... Well, the sound it makes is like the one of a washing machine at full power with some stone in it! The Protos 700 doesn't make that annoying sound, infact it's really quiet. The only thing you're gonna hear (and it's a lovely sound) is the one of your blades! Finally an electric helicopter that is not going to broke your hear! 



Relax, that canopy is not a problem... Infact as you can see from the picture, inside the canopy you find 4 magnets that will keep it attached to the helicopter even if you perform the fastest tail slide in the world. And it work simply perfect, you put it in front of the helicopter and it seems that the canopy is saying to you "Hey, I'm old enough to do it by myself". I just love this system and it holds more than you expect! (just wondering how many heli have crashed Corrado before he found the right magnets hehe)...

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