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Who is Lukas Riva?

Lukas Riva, has been one of the world top pilots in the last decade, sponsored by the most important RC helicopters company. He started his career and shared succes with big names as Alan Szabo JR, Danny Szabo, Markus Kim, Jason Krause, Dunkan Osbourne and Steven Gerrard.


He spent lot of his time by testing new products and competing in the world class events around the world and he's now a "fly for fun" pilot sponsored by the italian brand MSH wich prodcuts the Protos helicopter series.


In 2008 he won the 3D Masters in Northampton in UK, which at this time was the most important and hard 3D competition in the world. Thanks to this succes he has been invited all around the world and he partecipated to many events becoming one of the top 10 world known pilots and also a certified judge for 3DX competitions.


He has been invited in the following countries;



italy, Spain, Germany, France, Denmark, England, Ireland and of course Switzerland.



Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Muncie (IRCHA in Indiana).



Taiwan (Align comnpetition), Shangai (Shangai 3DX).



His new point of view is now helping people to approach competition and sponsoring contracts by helping them to be more confortable in front of people and increase their skills using a good training program. Each person need his own training created depending goals, skills and expectatives.


3DSwissCamp is infact a project born after that many people asked him which was the key to become a sponsored pilot or to achieve reat results in competitions. Succes into this hobby is not something you can have in few weeks, but it requires a lot of training and strategy, especially when it's required to represent a company that supports you.


Lukas and his dad also created the famous event Alpine Heli Smackdown, wich is a rergular appointment to all sponsored pilots in center Europe.


Some sponsor that Lukas had during his career:



Current sponsors:

MSH helicopters ; FASTLAD Performance ; OPTIPOWER ; BRAIN FBL ; ZEAL BLADES.


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